Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Beach Babe To Remember...

It's time to make your summer bronzier, touch up that lip gloss some more..and make those male heads turn!! We have the Pam Anderson look
going on today...tutorial up April 8 , 2011.

I was inspired by the always glam Pamela Anderson..who swept the entire nineties
with her blonde bombshell look-- Baywatch meets Summertime Beauty-- was her signature
go-to style, which millions of women flocked to emulate.


Pics below.


  1. hey doll! i'm a new follower, i found your YT channel when i was researching on ways to become a bottle blonde & i love love your channel! `=] anyway, you look gorgeous!

  2. Love what you do! I am going thru similar circumstances as you are with the bleaching, the dieting, and i felt impelled to document it , & share to others just as you are doing. So thanks, I needed to watch ya get that extra push to start doing it!

  3. I love your videos and i would like to see in more details the bleaching!!! i really liked so i wonder where ai can si that congratulations girl u are an example for all womens in he world! ;) sorry about my english

  4. Hi Fenix, I have been researching for days to prepare for my first bleacging. When I saw your youtube video I felt complete, lol. The color of your hair is exactly what I had in mind. My natural hair is about a level 7 blonde with bleached highlights, but I want all of my hair lighter, to a high level 9 or level 10. I'm crossing my fingers =D thx so much for your video