Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Places Influence our Style

Do you ever think about how fashion affects your inner self? How it makes you feel...
right down to your shoes? Yesterday..I walked out the door,
and looked at my coat- accessories- shoes- purse...all things
I had gotten while I was visiting New York. Then it dawned on me!
I was dressing like a New Yorker, and not much of the California
girl in me was coming out to say "hello". I felt unique, but I also felt edgy.
Guess clothes do serve a purpose. Well other than dressing you! of course.
They stimulate your attitude, spice up your day, and make you so dang happy.

They make you feel fabulous...and if you're a woman, almost liberating.

This is what a girl loves <3

Britney Themed Contest

Winner will be announced on Halloween night!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Week in Review

Sunday Post With All New Videos :)

Going Platinum/Gray Blonde

An overview....

So you caught the ever-changing Lady Gaga on VANITY FAIR's cover,
and thought how edgy!!.. Gaga's making "old lady hair color" chic again...
well, duh...and here is how you do it.

Day 1- In a measuring cup, weigh bleach to developer according to directions
posted on the back of either Sally's WELLITE bleach powder to SALON CARE
[CLEAR] developer. You should be able to clear the brassy tones with
two bottles ($5.19 ea.) of FROSTY ASH (brand: Color Charm) ..to a small
bowl with the same developer.

Day 2- Bleach again. Do this until your hair is 'sunshine' yellow. Tone once more
with FROSTY ASH. :) Condition thoroughly.

Day 3- Tone twice...and then shower. Condition the next few days....and just update
the roots.

:D My inspiration, is a chameleon herself


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Teaming up With Mark Cosmetics

This month Fenix Beauty (my youtube channel) is happy to present a partnership with .Mark Cosmetics!!!
We'll have tons of reviews, exclusive content, and tutorials featuring .Mark products :) Please stay tuned. It will be exciting :D

Twitter Account

Don't forget to Twitter ya girl...

Follow me on Twitter, most of my new video posts will be announced there
first...it will be under- Fenix120. :)

Much love


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why is Insomnia Beautiful?

I couldn't sleep starting this new blog page, posting all my reviews...
I had so many things running through my brain tonight..all creative..maybe a bit OCD of me-- but I can sense a new horizon. Maybe the zen part of me wants a quiet peace now...okay, fin...I'm out. . .

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glow and Go Travel Puff

Dermstore was so awesome for sending me 6 EXCLUSIVE items from their
beauty/skincare line...and I am proud to bring you the first of many reviews
in video format- so without further rambling - here is
the GLOW AND GO TRAVEL PUFF in all its glory.

-Photos to be posted soon-

My FULL Review:
This is a great product, (8 out of 10) that not only promotes healthy skin
but adds a slight shimmer to your cheeks. I had the pleasure of carrying it along on a recent trip to Las Vegas, Nevada...for some R & R
and it wasn't unpleasant to break into lemme tell ya. As soon as I applied it,
it felt like I really wasn't wearing much makeup..and all women like to feel weightless...it's enough we have blush, mascara and liner, right? and
IF you love mineral makeup- - THIS is for YOU!

New York is my MUSE!

I remember walking through Bryant Park feeling absolutely inspired by the women, their sense of style, and the fashions of people from all over the world coming together in NYC..in one melting pot. I was so intrigued-- and even this California gurl couldn't deny the textures, color combos, and gorgeous pitter-patters of the shoes I saw throughout the day. . . here are a few photos from my most recent New York trip..Enjoy!

Me in Bryant Park.....






Welcome Guys to my new STYLE Blog!! :)