Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Places Influence our Style

Do you ever think about how fashion affects your inner self? How it makes you feel...
right down to your shoes? Yesterday..I walked out the door,
and looked at my coat- accessories- shoes- purse...all things
I had gotten while I was visiting New York. Then it dawned on me!
I was dressing like a New Yorker, and not much of the California
girl in me was coming out to say "hello". I felt unique, but I also felt edgy.
Guess clothes do serve a purpose. Well other than dressing you! of course.
They stimulate your attitude, spice up your day, and make you so dang happy.

They make you feel fabulous...and if you're a woman, almost liberating.

This is what a girl loves <3

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  1. Where do we post our contest entry to how style influenced me? Youtube won't allow 200 words so it won't fit there?