Friday, September 24, 2010

Going Platinum/Gray Blonde

An overview....

So you caught the ever-changing Lady Gaga on VANITY FAIR's cover,
and thought how edgy!!.. Gaga's making "old lady hair color" chic again...
well, duh...and here is how you do it.

Day 1- In a measuring cup, weigh bleach to developer according to directions
posted on the back of either Sally's WELLITE bleach powder to SALON CARE
[CLEAR] developer. You should be able to clear the brassy tones with
two bottles ($5.19 ea.) of FROSTY ASH (brand: Color Charm) a small
bowl with the same developer.

Day 2- Bleach again. Do this until your hair is 'sunshine' yellow. Tone once more
with FROSTY ASH. :) Condition thoroughly.

Day 3- Tone twice...and then shower. Condition the next few days....and just update
the roots.

:D My inspiration, is a chameleon herself



  1. Yes! But what do you mean by: Just update your roots? Like you will bleach twice your roots and then dye them? Because the frosty ASH, 12A/12/10 is a dye color! So what about when you do your roots? you will get the bleach over the dye in some ways so it will undo your hair dye? I don,t really understand how can you bleach and then dye! Usually is bleach and tone to do not more damage the hair! I did a comment on Your Youtube also! Please write back or thanks so but! I'm so worried about what I,m gonna do with my hair! I'm been pulling my hair 3 yrs with a cap then bleach then and tone then sometimes I have not to tone because they were already the right color! just use a purple shampoo! But now! I woul like to have dimension in my hair that's why I wonder if I should do the bleaching and toning... I'm scared to damage sooo bad my hair because I have already highlights. But it will be so much easier to just bleach the whole thing instead of doing highlights. And I don't want to be blonde yellow pale platnium. I want to be like ash mediun to light ash blonde no white no yelloe pale and no golden... And at sallys there only 5 toners... so the choice isn't easy! Can you share with me what you did or what it might be the best? thanks!